Using Grade A Maple Syrup With The Master Cleanse

This is a common question that gets asked a lot, it’s about using grade A maple syrup instead of grade B maple syrup. You can find the answer covered in a earlier blog post I wrote about master cleanse maple syrup.

As far as the water you use I always suggest using a home water filter which in the long run will save you hundreds of dollars a year over bottled water. Not only that but the quality of most bottled water is no better then tap water so it can interfere with the detoxing process.

Hi There healthy readers! Today is the first day of our 3 days Master Cleanse. We live in the middle of the world “Middle East” therefore most of the ingredients we asked from our family back in the US. Unfortunately my mother in law grab a Grade A maple syrup. Does Grade A make really a big difference from Grade B? Oh..! to add with that we have avian water because even filtered water here is not that clean. Since it my first time, not sure if these two ingredients give deferent results for my husband & I Master Cleansing.

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  • is it okay if I use organic everyday detox tea while on my cleanse

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