Grade B Maple Syrup

by Raylen on March 23, 2007

I’ve been reading through the comments and it looks like some of you are having trouble tracking down grade B maple syrup. It might not seem like a big deal to substitute regular commercial brand maple syrup, but it actually is. The refinement process for comercial syrup strips it of its minerals, and while you’re on the Master Cleanse it’s important that your body gets the vital nutrition that grade B maple syrup provides.

If you can’t find grade B maple syrup my advice would be to try your local health food store. You can also check your regular grocery store, but be sure to check the product labels yourself because most store employees probably won’t no the difference between grade B maple syrup and regular maple syrup.

If you still can’t find any grade B maple syrup you can always order some online. The link below will take you to which sells grade B maple syrup, and offers speedy shipping. You an also do a Google search for “grade B maple syrup” which turns up a few sites selling grade B maple syrup.

grade b maple syrup

PS. It looks like I’m going to go on a Spring Master Cleanse some time next week. I’m open to starting any time, if there’s a specific day you would like to kick this thing off let me know.

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