A Delightfully Simple Detox Bath Recipe

The detox bath is not only a method used by many natural health practitioners to soak away the weekly physical and psychological manifestations of stress; a detoxifying bath can also stimulate the metabolic process in the human body whereby toxins are drained from the inner body through our largest organ … the epidermis.

The epidermis, or skin, has been referred to as our “third kidney.”  This means that, through the biological process of sweating, the poisons inside the human body are eliminated through the pores.  Our skin is capable of filtering the toxic poisons that have built up inside our bodies the same way our kidneys filter undesirable elements.

For whatever reason, toxins build up in the human body, causing us fatigue, headaches, or even acute and chronic illness.  Mother Nature provides every element that our bodies need to live a healthy, natural, and vigorous life.  The closer we get to Mother Nature, the healthier and happier our bodies will feel.

What are some of Mother Nature’s ingredients that we can introduce into our bath water to accentuate the positive elements and eliminate the negative elements?
Mother Nature – Simplified

Magnesium Sulfate:  A more popular name for magnesium sulfate is Epsom Salt.  Epsom Salt has been used for hundreds of years to relieve general aches and pains related to an over-exertion of muscles, and/or arthritis.  Magnesium sulfate is extremely rich in the elements that promote the body’s detoxification process.

Sodium Bicarbonate:  Also known as Baking Soda, sodium bicarbonate softens the bath water by eliminating the chlorine, which can be drying to the skin.  Baking Soda will also assist the body in its absorption of the magnesium in the Epsom Salt.

Combining both of the above ingredients in a 1-part Epsom Salt to a 2-part Baking Soda mixture creates enough of this basic detox bath for one (1) 30-minute soak.  For a first detox bath, measure 1 cup of Epsom Salt and 2 cups of Baking Soda, add them while drawing hot bath water, and fill the tub 2/3 of the way full.  Soak for at least one half hour.
Other ingredients may be added to this basic detox bath, depending upon the natural health practitioners’ needs and desires.  For instance, salt can be very drying to the skin.  Therefore, adding 10 drops of glycerin to the water works to counterbalance this reaction.

You can also moisturize your skin with pure, unscented aloe gel after the bath to keep your skin healthy and supple.

For an aroma-therapeutic effect, about 20 drops of an essential oil can be used to add fragrance or stimulate the body’s metabolic processes.  Certain essential oils, such as lavender and ylang ylang, can promote further relaxation through their aromatic qualities.    Other oils, such as tea tree or eucalyptus, actually assist in the detoxification process.

For the Seasoned Detox Bath Practitioner

Ground ginger, or fresh ginger tea, may be introduced to the basic detox bath recipe to promote excess perspiration.  Ginger produces heat in the human body, and in turn, will cause most people to sweat profusely.  A note of caution advises those new to detox baths to begin with a small amount of ginger … 1 tablespoon or less … to start off, until one becomes familiar with the manner in which the body reacts to this potent root.

Detox bathers soak for at least 30 minutes and most will begin to sweat within the first few minutes.  Some like to rinse off in the shower after soaking but this is not absolutely necessary.  Always drink large amounts of filtered water before, during and after the soak to prevent dizziness and to help your body excrete the toxins.

Novice practitioners of the detox bath should start this new natural health regimen slowly by using the least amount of the above ingredients to gauge their bodies’ reaction.  Let’s dip our toes in first, so to speak, rather than jumping in up to our heads.

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