Doing The Master Cleanse Without Cayenne Pepper

The other day a reader wanted to know if it was alright to make the master cleanse lemonade without cayenne pepper…

I am on day 5 of the cleanse. I have cleansed twice a year for about 5 years, but this is my first Master Cleanse. My prakruti is very Pitta….for the non-ayurvedic folks, this mean my constitution is very HOT; hot tempered, tendency toward overheating, generally need cooling foods in my diet. My energy has been incredible on the MC. However, the last two nights I have woken up between 3 and 4 am (the Pitta time of night, meaning my Pitta dosha is active and aggravated) unable to go back to sleep. Amazingly, I still seem to have a lot of energy. However, I know this is happening because of the cayenne pepper. My question is; is it ok to use no cayenne for a day or so to see if it makes a difference in my sleep or to simple reduce the amount of cayenne pepper used?

Usually having an abundance of energy while doing the master cleanse is a good sign, but if you feel the cayenne pepper is throwing your body off balance  and don’t feel you can complete the cleanse with the pepper you can make the lemonade without it. Keep in mind the cayenne pepper is a key ingredient in the master cleanse diet but if you’re a naturally Pitta person you might be able to get away with eliminating the cayenne without affecting the cleanse.

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  • I am allergic to cayenne pepper. I can not use it in any amount. Is there a body cleanse that does not use cayenne pepper at all?

  • I have an allergy or something to cayenne. It just doesn’t stay down, my whole life..Any

  • Im in UAE. I cant find Cayenne pepper anywhere in any store here. i want to start my master cleanse, i already have all the ingredients but not the cayenne pepper. Can a white pepper or black pepper or chili powder be a substitute for it?

  • Will this work without the Cayenne pepper?? Plz answer

  • I have been wanting to do the Master Cleanse program for a while and yesterday I finally purchased everything I need. Then, today, I spoke with a doctor who advised me not to do Master Cleanse. He didn’t seem familiar with it, specifically, but he said that since I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have to take NSAIDs and painkillers regularly, that if I do this it’ll cause bleeding ulcers in my stomach (mostly because of the cayenne pepper, I gathered). I also have Celiac and GERD, so my digestive system isn’t perfect to begin with. Now, I’m apprehensive.

    My questions are:

    Have you ever heard of people developing ulcers from doing the Master Cleanse?

    Would not using cayenne pepper prevent the development of ulcers?

    Will it be painful to consume something so spicey and acidic if you have digestive problems?

    Will going on a ten day cleanse with no solid foods have any negative effects on a comprised immune system?

    I love the idea of detoxing with the added bonus of weight loss, but I don’t want to do more damage than good for myself.

    Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to read this and for answering my questions. 🙂

  • Hi, i just want to know, if can i do the limonade more than 10 days?? Cause i saw people do for 40 data, is that possible??? Please i’ll waiting for your response, thanks.

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