How much cayenne pepper to use with the Master Cleanse

by Raylen on May 1, 2010

I get a lot of questions about the master cleanse directions, and if it’s alright to change the recipe…

Hi! I just wanted to say I am on my 6th day of the cleanse and am not feeling all that bad. Yes I have gotten mild headache, mild tooth sensitivity (actually that was just my 3rd day) and yes I do have to sometimes shout NO! when I get really hungry and am alone. But I must say Raylen I am shocked that I have persisted this long and it’s thanks to you. I do the sea salt flush in the morning (which of course at first was gross but now isn’t so bad), drink one glass, take 2 wheat grass capsules. My family and co-workers have been crazy supportive which really helps! I have spurts of energy and am feeling more hopeful, every day…the only thing I changed is using a heaping quarter teaspoon of cayenne instead of 1/2 teaspoon…1/2 teaspoon was just too spicy but I wanted to know for the last 4 days will using more cayenne make the cleanse more effective?

This is a good question and the advice I’ve always given is to stick to the Master Cleanse recipe if you can, but if you absolutely must it’s alright to make a few minor adjustments. My thoughts are if something like the recommended amount of cayenne pepper is making the lemonade to spicy to drink and it’s going to prevent you from finishing the full 10 day cleanse, then it’s fine to use a smaller amount. The most important thing is to finish cleanse. Good luck!

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