How much cayenne pepper to use with the Master Cleanse

I get a lot of questions about the master cleanse directions, and if it’s alright to change the recipe…

Hi! I just wanted to say I am on my 6th day of the cleanse and am not feeling all that bad. Yes I have gotten mild headache, mild tooth sensitivity (actually that was just my 3rd day) and yes I do have to sometimes shout NO! when I get really hungry and am alone. But I must say I am shocked that I have persisted this long and it’s thanks to you. I do the sea salt flush in the morning (which of course at first was gross but now isn’t so bad), drink one glass, take 2 wheat grass capsules. My family and co-workers have been crazy supportive which really helps! I have spurts of energy and am feeling more hopeful, every day…the only thing I changed is using a heaping quarter teaspoon of cayenne instead of 1/2 teaspoon…1/2 teaspoon was just too spicy but I wanted to know for the last 4 days will using more cayenne make the cleanse more effective?

This is a good question and the advice I’ve always given is to stick to the Master Cleanse recipe if you can, but if you absolutely must it’s alright to make a few minor adjustments. My thoughts are if something like the recommended amount of cayenne pepper is making the lemonade to spicy to drink and it’s going to prevent you from finishing the full 10 day cleanse, then it’s fine to use a smaller amount. The most important thing is to finish cleanse. Good luck!

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  • So excited to start this diet staring tomorrow wush me luck please subcribe to my channel at youtube muaparris to see the results thanx

  • Ia there an age restriction? My daughter who I 12 and I want to do it. I’ve done it several other times but she want to try but due fo her agei thought it best to allow her to eat fruit and veggies in moderation

  • Hi,
    Today is my first day starting the master cleanse, so far so good, no headaches, a little hungry but I just drank some more lemonade and some water, I usually go work out m-sat. but I noticed that people starting out on this diet especially for the first 3 days should take it easy, so I am, although I feel like I should be in the gym. My current weight with starting the master cleanse diet is 226 lbs and I am 5’6” tall, yes I am overweight! My main reasons for starting this cleansing process was to lose weight and with being healthy, I had already made strides to eat healthier, exercise more, and feel more confident, wish me luck everyone, I can really use the support,


  • I am on day 6 of the cleanse and am feeling VERY discouraged about the elimination. I have heard from others that have done the cleanse that they have gotten rid of tremendous amounts of toxic, old waste. I have had none of that so far and am finding it hard to stay focused on staying on when that is my main purpose for doing the cleanse in the first place. Has anyone else had trouble with this. I am following the cleanse exactly.

  • I want to be prepared to start the cleanse… Should I have a liquid or vegetable diet before the beginning of the cleans?

  • Hi, this is my first day on the cleanse. I am not hungry at all… I just have the worse headache… also, I am a heavy smoker. I have cut down significantly- only had 3 today compared to half a pack…does that mess everything up?

  • i started the master cleanse i have high sugar and the clerk at the health fod store recomendded blackstrap molasses has any one heard thisbefoe ,and how much are you drinking of the drink

  • i am day 9 sunday is fathers day i do not want to put adamper on it ,it will be my 2nd day off what should i eat

  • hi im on my 4th day of the cleanse an im feeling gud had a little headache yesterday but im ok today,i am doing gud far as cravin because its tht tme of the month. but if there is sumone out there who is on day four how are u doing,an good luck to eveyone on the cleanse!!!!!!

  • I am interested in trying the Master Cleanse. I have bought all the ingredients. And I have been advise by my Dr. to loose weight. However, I have problems with my blood pressure. Does anyone know if I can do this cleanse with Blood Pressure issues or not?
    Or should I say has anyone here with blood pressure issues ever done this cleanse and what results did you have?

  • i am currently on day 8 and ready to prepare to get off of the cleanse. I hate orange juice…does anyone know an alternative to the oj to break the cleanse? thanks

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