Curing Candida With The Master Cleanse

by Raylen on April 11, 2011

Today a reader asked about using the master cleanse to help with candida albicans overgrowth issues…

I am wanting to try the master cleanse for my candida albicans overgrowth issues, but I have been told and read it many places that consuming any kind of carbohydrates and sugars will only feed the candida already present in my intestinal system. My question then is that can this cleanse still work for candida sufferers, or does the maple syrup in the drink only end up feeding the candida, and therefore the cleanse is not suited for this specific type of intestinal issue? If so, should I be using stevia instead of maple syrup in the detox drink?

This is a good question, and you’re right about wanting to avoid sugar when dealing with candida. The problem with replacing the maple syrup with stevia is that you’ll be removing 90% of the calories from the lemonade which could lead to trouble if you plan on doing the cleanse for more then a few days. My advice is to make the lemonade with stevia and to also eat lots of fresh vegetables. You can also take 3 tablespoons of ground up flax seed mixed with water 3 times a day which filled with fiber and healthy fats to help give your body the fuel it needs.

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