Should you use the whole lemon, or just the juice for the Master Cleanse

 Here’s a question from Tim asking about whether to use the whole lemon, or just the juice.

I am about ready to start the Master Cleanse Diet tomorrow, July 2. This afternoon I went shopping for my needs and found it a little difficult but not to bad.

My question though is, for the lemons it asks for 2 tbls of juice. But in the manual it tells you if you are going to use non-organic lemons to cut away the peel. this led me to believe that I should use the whole of the lemon. Without knowing either way I proceeded to mix the whole lemon in my commercial mixer to liquid form and mix with the other ingredients. Is this wrong or right?

like I said I am just starting tomorrow so now would be a good time to find out the right way.

Thank for your help.

Sincerely Tim, in Maine

Good question Tim, and you’re right on track with peeling away the skin if you’re using non-organic lemons. For the best results you should avoid non-organic lemons all together.

As for blending up the entire lemon my advice would be to make sure you wash the lemon throughly before doing it. Even organic fruit can pick up nasty stuff during shipping, or germs from the employees and customers who handle the food at the store.

As long as you do that you should be fine.

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  • Greetings all! I have a copy of the “original” Master Cleanse via Stanley Burroughs. Previously I did just the juice. He states to juice the “whole” lemon(s) obviously organic is best. This is where the “whole” nutrition is and it is tremendous!! Look up the incredible combined nutrition of juice, pulp and peel. I’m using organic, unsulphured blackstrap molasses in stead of maple syrup because of its incredible nutritional value to build up my iron levels, holistically. And,,,I do believe in the value of Colon Hydro Therapy and enemas. If you are not see realsing/evacuation results you may want to consider it and colon cleanse like Blessed Herbs. May Peace Prevail On Earth 🙂

  • Thank you all for the tips !!! Say 1 starts tomorrow.

  • How did using the entire lemon work for you? I’m staying today and will be using my nutribullet Rx.

  • I used my Nutri bullet. Used organic peeled lemons ..but put the whole lemon in with rest of ingredients. Is this ok or is that to much fiber..yikes on day 8 ..they say u will pass all kinds iky stuff but im not. I do swf in am and lax tea at night. Am I doing something wrong??! Looking for lil reassurance!!!

  • I bought the Nutra Bullet and have been juicing the entire lemon. The lemon is from my tree in my backyard. I wash it before juicing. Is this good for you and what health benefits does it have???

    Mike Franich

  • During the middle my cleanse I used bottled lemon juice that was 100% lemon juice because I got tired of squezzing the lemons and then found out later I wasn’t suppose to and then went back to squezzing the last two days of the cleanse. Will this majorly effect the whole process and should I do it all over again.

  • Ughhhh, Its a good thing that I read this about cutting away the peel and or washing well. For some idiotic reason, I didn’t think of that, THANK YOU
    This Site has been so so helpful with my keeping on The MC

  • I could not find organix lemons or limes—-even at Whole Foods—-because they are not in season during the Fall. I used Santa Cruz organic Lemon Juice and santa Cruz organic Lime Juice from Whole Foods. It worked perfectly. Actually, I preferred the lime juice to the lemon. I lost 20 punds in 10 days.

  • can organic bottled lemon juice be used in stead of fresh organic lemons?

  • I just started my cleanse today and in regards to the lemon I just sqeezed the juice and pulp from the organic lemon. Reading through the manual it states you can grate the peel. What is the difference if any?

  • yes corinne you can use both limes and lemons, however i have not noticed a big difference in taste ,only in price.

  • Can you use Limes instead of lemons and get the same effect? Can you mix limes and lemons?

  • I have started the MC. I do the herbal tea laxative every night and the salt flush every morning. I do go immediatly after the salt flush, but, i have not noticed any other differences. I have read about the toxins being removed and how they are passed. How long before you see this process? I am on day 3

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