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by Raylen on January 30, 2007

Question: Hi when you said make sure u put enough maple syrup and lemon i was wondering. is 2 tbsp of lemon juice and 2 tbsp of maple syrup in 48 ounces enough? the directions never told me how much water to add and since it said drink at least 48 ounces a day i thought thats what they meant…..confused

Good question, and I think there was some confusion with the single serving and the whole day serving. The 2 tbsp of lemon and maple syrup is for one 10oz glass. Below is the master cleanser recipe for a single serving of lemonade and a whole day batch.

For water I drink my body weight in ounces, but you can drink more if you want. I would try to drink at least as much water as lemonade, and preferably 2 glasses of water for every 1 glass of lemonade.

Water will help control hunger, flush out your system, and even reduce some of the master cleanse side effects. Just make sure you’re using filtered water. Tap water is treated with chlorine, and contains sediment from the pipes, and other nasty stuff that is not good for your body.

Master Cleanse Recipe:
#1 (single serving):
– 2 Tbsp Lemon Juice (approx ½ of a Lemon)
– 2 Tbsp Genuine Organic Maple Syrup (not Maple flavored sugar syrup you’d put on pancakes)
– 1/10 Tsp Cayenne pepper (red pepper)
– Ten oz. glass of hot water (cold can be used if preferred)

#2 (60 oz. daily serving):
– 60 oz. water
– 12 Tbsp organic Maple syrup (Grade B)
– 12 Tbsp lemon juice
– ½ Tsp Cayenne Pepper

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