How Much Water To Drink On The Master Cleanse

by Raylen on July 13, 2007

 I’ve got another good question about the master cleanse…

Can i drink a ton of plain water on the side (of the master cleanse)? I like to ride my bike and I’ll surely die of a heat stroke if i don’t drink A LOT of extra water. Should I quit biking and go to non-cardiovascular exercise while on master cleanse? Can I drink a gallon of regular water while i run and bike? I’m sick of looking for the answer to this question. I cant find it. Thanks in advance.

Hello, about the water yes, you can drink as much as you want. About exercising, depending on your level of fitness you should not push yourself too hard while doing the master cleanse. I’ve written more about this at > exercising while doing the master cleanse

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