Drinking Alcohol On The Master Cleanse

For most people it’s giving up their favorite foods that has them stressing out over the Master Cleanse. This reader was wondering if she had to give up drinking alcohol while doing the cleanse…

I have done the MC once before and plan on starting for the 2nd time tomorrow. I’m going to Vegas for my birthday in just 14 days and hoping to be able to fit into my jeans I was just able to fit into 8 months ago I’m hoping to shed some pounds. I got wonderful results the last time and looking forward to them again! This time I plan to be on the full ten days maybe a bit longer does anyone know if you can drink alcohol on this cleanse? (weird question I know but I’m turning 21 and can’t very well not have a drink!)

While there are some health benefits to drinking in moderation (especially red wine), in order to reap the biggest rewards on the master cleanse it’s best to stay off the sauce. Having a drink is not as bad as eating a whole pizza or quart of ice cream, but it will still interfere with the detoxing process

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  • I drank alcohol during a cleanse and I felt like I was gonna pass out after about 3 drinks. I’m at 6 foot, 200 lbs and I can usually hold my liquor but on the detox I felt like I was hammered. I threw up, couldn’t walk, and after 6 really hard days on the cleanse I had to eat something to feel better. My advice, don’t risk it.

  • Hello everyone, I have also a question related with alcohol. I have planned to start the master cleasnse today, but yesterday was a friend birthday and I got really drunk. After the night out I had pizza and when I got home I had noodle soup. I hope I have not alcohol left in my stomach, but do you know if it is bad if I still start the diet today ?

  • I’m on my third day of the master cleanse. I have eaten little portions of vegetables throughout the day, each day while doing this. I find it helps with my starvation and cravings. Anyways, my question is…can I have some wine while on the cleanse ( just for today) during my 10 day cleanse and still lose weight?

  • I’ve just done my first MC and did five days (losing 11 lbs). Contrary to the sensible advice on this page, I had a drink the day after finishing. Wasn’t too bad though but the taste is different than it was pre-MC.

  • Omg.

    I just got off the Master cleanse and I couldn’t even eat regular food for days yet alone drink alcohol. Trust me, I would love to drink to celebrate my birthday this weekend but I am not going to mess up my body just to get my drink on. I may just have some Kombucha or mineral water. I wouldn’t recommend alcohol for at least a week or two after the cleanse is over. Think. Follow the rules.

  • Read the post on mood swings and head aches -you can always try/use “holy Basil” an herb found in pill form at any herbal store -will put you in a good mood and fix the issues and is no different that the herbal teas recommended at night

  • Can you do the salt drink at night instead of the morning in order to save time in the morning.

  • can you do the salt drink at night instead of in the morning like two hours before bed

  • AGREED ^^^^ Luna 🙂 HAHA!
    Regarding alcohol in general… People just use common sense here please. Have you ever had something alcoholic after not eating all day or on an empty stomach or even a light meal?? It is going to affect you much differently than if you had. Caution and common sense my friends. Good Luck!

  • I just have to say that I find it super hilarious that someone was criticizing another persons grammar and then called them.”retarted” when the word is infact “retarded.”

  • Hello all… I will be going out of town to do a little partying in 4 days and my cleanse ends in 3 days. Would it be okay for me to take in alcohol (hard liquor) on my first day of easing out?

  • ive been on the MC for 5 days now, but i have been incorporating a small salad with no dressing (use extra lemon from the lemonade) and have a hard boiled egg white at night. i know this isnt recommended, but i find it an easy way to transition into not eating anything but the “lemonade”

  • I suggest you guys try the “headaches” part of the blog. We are much nicer there and you get longer, more in depth posts.

  • I agree with Brian. I just finished the cleanse. Fortunately I did not experience the mood swings and intolerant states of mind that some here must have experienced.

  • These are the caliber of people that do the Master Cleanse? It is seriously a turn-off from even considering it.

  • Is mi pounds correct on day uno like my pounds surrounding thee end off thee mister cleans. ! Did u now english is thee strangest and hardist to understood?

  • it’s not just about spelling mistake, amanda wrote a few words comletely differntly which made her post look completely unreadable, I had to read twice to get what the hell she was asking about!
    it’s not being picky, but come on! every language has some rule and you need to follow them if you want to communicate and be understood, right?
    there is a difference between writing U instead of YOU and writing WAIT instead of WEIGHT 😮

  • Seems as if tho people who arnt caring about her grammar sure made a point of it… grammar shammar … were all doing/done this cleanse the reason being is to lose weight or to get healthier …. do not consume anything but the ingredients at hand .. it will defeat the purpose….. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE

  • Wow. Everyone is so rude. I appreciate proper English but this is supposed to be open to anyone with questions. I bother not read any further advice you guys have for me with that kind of poor judgement.

  • Who cares about spelling, I work in South Africa where most people can’t spell, however I feel most Americans are rude and intolerant, leave the girl alone, this is about the master cleanse, not ur rubbish….

  • Good Lord! Do these forums get crazy or what?!!?!? Yes, spelling and grammar are most definitely important. The written word is vital, if only to retain some sort of culture in this culturally deprived nation. However, it is also the heart of our nation, and we as individuals, to embrace all cultures, peoples and abilities. So, if someone is reaching out for help, it should be “a given” that we offer support and understanding. In other words, get off your “high-horse” and offer the support needed. If you can’t, don’t want to or won’t, then GET OFF THE FORUM!!!

    Back to the subject at hand, DON’T DRINK!!!!! Give yourself at least a week or two prior to taking that drink. I did my first cleanse, 10 days. It was a little difficult, but I felt so good that all the “struggle” was so worth it that it didn’t matter and, infact, made it easy. Once off, well, that was the hard part. I am a drinker, I loves me some alcohol. I began drinking on day two of being off the cleanse. As others have pointed out, you get buzzed off the first couple sips. I have a VERY high tolerance because I drink a lot, but after the cleanse, I was a virgin again and didn’t realize it. Do what you have to do (we always do, right?), but just be fore-warned, you will get F**KED UP………FAST.

    Much Love people, be good to each other, be good to yourselves!

  • i drank while on the master cleanse, and let me tell you… i’m sooo grateful to be alive. think about it: you don’t have anything solid in your stomach, especially when you are in the later stages of the process. there is nothing that the alcohol can dilute with, therefore its going to hit you. HARD. i didn’t think much of this bc i party often and i have a high tolerence, but booooy was i wrong. at first, it didn’t feel different. it was a good buzz the whole night, but later it all came at once. i was soo scared for my life that i started to make myself vomit and got in the tub for a cold shower. please do NOT drink while on the diet. eat a good bday dinner before going hard, which i hope you do since its goin to be ur bday and ur gnna be in Vegas!!! good luck!!!

  • Can I drink other liquids while on the master cleanse?

  • Thanks Jonny, because I stuck it out for 6 days and was tired of drinking the master cleanse. I feel great, but I still wanted something to eat. I appreciate being advised to stick to raw foods because meat will not digest. This was my first master cleanse being done.

  • @ Amanda… The biggest mistake people tend to make after the cleanse is go back to the foods they were eating before. The master cleanse provides a great reset and removes the cravings for all of the horrible foods with chemicals. Even at the end, if you are craving a hamburger or pizza or whatever, you’ll find that if you start with a raw or vegetarian diet, you will be much more inclined to stick with it after the cleanse. I personally went to a raw living diet, and I wouldn’t have been able to stick to it if I hadn’t done the master cleanse first. If you go back to the way you were eating, you will gain everything back.

    Do note that you will always gain some weight back when you start eating any sort of food again, because your body will always be processing the food you ate in your last couple meals, so there will always be the little added pound or two of the actual food from your previous meals traveling through you which wasn’t there during the cleanse.

  • @ Beth you get 2-thumbs up and a circle from me….. that remark was very uncaused for….Amanda you may want to seek your advice elsewhere instead of from these rude a$$ grammar checking A-holes…

  • like come on how old are you guys. ur really going to waste ur time and bicker and be nit picky about the way one person asked a ? im embarrasesssseeeeddddd that America is that rudeee. and yess im speelling shit wrong cuzz it dontt matter, everyone who reads this still knows what im saying and the point im making. get a life. were all here to be helped or help people out. Geet over urself

  • I drank the glasses of wine(red) and felt like I drank 2 bottles I don’t recommend drinking at all. I don’t remember how bad it was but I was really messed up I think it ruined my marriage. But can’t tell u for sure b/c I don’t remember what happened. Please if u know ur going to have a drink a week or less after the cleanse don’t do it. Or don’t drink. Please hear my WARNING it is very dangerous!

  • Perhaps English is not Amanda’s first language.

  • Who f-ing cares about English! Wow. If you guys are so concerned with it go type on grammar blogs. Otherwise be concerned with the poor lady’s question.

  • i totally agree with anonymous, amanda should go back to school, no one cares what you look like if you’re retarted HAHA!

  • @ Anonymous..lol…yes that was very rude but people c’mon it’s always important to learn proper spelling ..especially when you are typing..i mean typo’s happen or sometimes U mean to spell things like U but …spelling like Amanda’s made me read the sentence over again..lol

  • Friday will be my 10th and final day on the cleanse. Can I have more then a glass of wine the following day? I plan to do the ease out but its my birthday and I’m wondering how the alcohol will effect my stomach?

  • Wow Anonymous that was very rude considering Amanda was seeking information to help her healthwise. Grow up!

  • I think you should focus on your English and stop concerning yourself with your physical looks.

  • I want to know if people normal gain all there wait back after the mastor cleanse and how to prevent not gaining it back…

  • Kombucha is not a mushroom drink. It is tea fermented with sugar. I would not drink it while on the master cleanse simply because it still contains a small amount of refined sugar, as well as fruit sugar, which will effect your blood sugar in different ways than the sugar in maple syrup, and probably increase hunger.

  • I’m going back on the Master Cleanse tomorrow (did a fabulous ten days in May, loved your book), mainly as I had surgery six weeks ago and want to cleanse from the anesthetic, drugs, trauma of it, etc. My question is that I have been drinking “Synergy” for the past month or so, which is one of the Kombucha mushroom drinks, full of much nutrition, very few calories, and perhaps a little alcohol (less than .5%) due to the fermentation. I was considering drinking it while on the MC, in addition to the green stuff suggested. Wondering if you have any thoughts on that? Thanks so much.

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