Drinking Alcohol On The Master Cleanse

by Raylen on September 18, 2008

For most people it’s giving up their favorite foods that has them stressing out over the Master Cleanse. This reader was wondering if she had to give up drinking alcohol while doing the cleanse…

I have done the MC once before and plan on starting for the 2nd time tomorrow. I’m going to Vegas for my birthday in just 14 days and hoping to be able to fit into my jeans I was just able to fit into 8 months ago I’m hoping to shed some pounds. I got wonderful results the last time and looking forward to them again! This time I plan to be on the full ten days maybe a bit longer does anyone know if you can drink alcohol on this cleanse? (weird question I know but I’m turning 21 and can’t very well not have a drink!)

While there are some health benefits to drinking in moderation (especially red wine), in order to reap the biggest rewards on the master cleanse it’s best to stay off the sauce. Having a drink is not as bad as eating a whole pizza or quart of ice cream, but it will still interfere with the detoxing process

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