3 Days Instead of 10

by Raylen on September 16, 2008

Today a reader asked if you can still benefit from doing a 3 day master cleanse instead of the usual 10 days.

Reading this blog it appears everyone is doing the 10 day plan. I can only do 3 days due to a long planned vacation out of the country. Will only 3 days work???

The answer really depends on what you are hoping to achieve by doing the master cleanse. 3 days on the master cleanse can certainly do a lot of good. It can energize your body, clear your mind, and even help you lose a little weight.

In my book I talk more about the benefits of doing mini-cleanses and give tips on how to get the best results.

But if you’re looking to cleanse and detox your body then you’re going to need the full 10 days.

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