What To Eat After The Master Cleanse

Today I got a question about what to eat after the master cleanse…


I successfully completed 10 days on the master cleanse on Saturday. I’m not sure how much weight I lost, but I feel healthy and lighter. Today, I had orange juice and oranges and tomorrow I’ll have soup, organic of course. On Tuesday, I’m looking forward to eating healthy food. I understand some people have a difficult time completing the master cleanse, but I had no problems at all. However, I don’t have an appetite and have no idea what to eat on Tuesday. Suggestions?

Congratulations on finishing the master cleanse, it’s wonderful that you didn’t have a hard time getting through it. Here’s my advice for what to after the master cleanse

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  • I have just finished my 2nd 10 day master cleanse using SWF. I have lost 9.9 pounds. It is a great experience. The SWF , agreed, is not pleasant…but requires patience to see it thru daily.
    My first cleanse was for 15 days using 8 cups of boiled salt water (recipe per Buddhist monks in Tibet). So my 2nd round using only 4 cups of room temperature salt water was sooo easy compared to the 8 cup SWC. My advice to anyone wanting to do this cleanse is to go to the Real website of Peter Glickman…wwwThemastercleanse.com. Learn to do it Right the first time with only proper ingedients. Please do not waste your precious time on others pretending to know whats best for you when they have not even Completed a full cleanse themselves. This cleanse takes dedication and some willpower. It is not expensive and will permit your body to release toxins fast and easy. The SWF is to help get the junk out. Drink your sienna tea but keep up the SWF and please make sure you go to at least the 10 day minimum of cleansing. Sure the detox symptons can be difficult but each symptom only last 2-3 days max. Afterwards they are GONE for good, unless you go straight back to a unhealthy lifestyle, drugs, alcohol etc. Blessings and all the Best!
    P.S. This cleanse Also helps rid of Hotflashes, cellulite and clears your skin. Ladies take note!!

  • Hi am on. My 6 day and still going strong,my third day was the hardest so I slept to get through it. Don’t do the SWF I use the laxative which works for me. I see results on my body so just wating to see how it will end

  • Further more, it has totally screwed-up my menstrual cycle!

  • 2 weeks on from doing this diet, I have had severe digestion problems when returning to solid (yet healthy) food! My metabolism has changed and my whole experience of eating is somewhat unpleasant. I now do an intermittent-fast – far better. Do not do this MC!

  • Sorry, so I’m clear –

    Where I said *with this you only lose water and muscle mass, not fat* I was referring to the MC 🙂

  • And I know, I know, I at first too didn’t want to hear it, but knew deep down I had to and what is said here is based on real evidence and will give you healthier results. The MC is exciting and as it is guaranteed to lose weight that is what celebs and others do it for, a quick get the pounds off fad diet. This is supposed to be done as a cleanse, not a weight-loss, the weight-loss is a side effect (as great as that is). It is not a healthy way to lose. But I see you are doing it to then begin to eat healthy! Seriously the alternate 24 hr fast is the best fast and has the best results….with this you only lose water and muscle mass, not fat. Read my above post, that was my experience 😉 Good-luck 🙂

  • Hi Shelia, seriously read this before continuing 🙂


    All the best! 5.4 and 145 is not so bad. I am 5.3 and 128 Lbs (I am 39) 🙂

  • I am now on day 3. So far I’ve lost about 4 pounds and I feel just okay. I haven’t been doing the SWF mainly because I’m 18 and I try to get all the sleep I can get before going to school. ? However, I have been doing the laxative tea. While in school I’m very distracted therefore I’m able to really stick to it. But getting home in the afternoons are tough. Especially watching my brother and sisters eat. On day 2 I was having the weirdest cravings. I guess this is supposed to happen because your body is detoxing. But anyway I was craving spaghettios with a piece of white hostess bread with a slab of butter smeared on it. I actually came extremely close to going to the store and buying it. Thank god I had my mom who has been a great support through all of this. She convinced me not to. But I found it funny that I wanted something that I used to have as a kid. But anyway I’ve been trying to go to bed as early as possible to prevent me from cheating but I find it so hard to sleep and stay asleep while on this cleanse!!! I always feel stimulated! I even checked the laxative tea just to make sure there was no caffeine. I am sooo determined to finish this diet though, and on the first day that I can back to a normal diet I think I’m gonna have an organic, healthy version of spaghettios with a slice of Ezekiel Bread. I simply CANNOT wait! But most importantly I can’t wait to kick bad habits and start living healthy so I can look axing when I go to Aruba in 7 weeks. I am 5’4 and my current weight is 145. I hope to get down to 115! After this my plan is do low carb and no sugar diet.

  • Day 4: Woke up 7am, decided to have one last SWF at 8am, just to clear out any final matter. I am now just waiting for happenings! I have decided to call it a day with the cleanse (which I have read lots on and take on board it is not really a cleanse as of consuming approx: 944 calories within 24 hours as of the Maple Syrup and lemon juice combined. So I think my body is telling me that it has, had enough and I listened to some good advice that this is the best time to stop if I am going to stop early,,,,as if I am to gain anything from the MC, it would only be in the first two or three days anyway:) So I am happy with that!

    I do not feel (like some have mentioned they feel) a loser, or disappointed in only making it three days, I think that is good going! It took determination and will-power at it’s strongest and I know I have done some good, and it is more than doing nothing.

    I will break the cleanse gently by having some All Bran with water, and then some orange juice later, some raw veggies and then tonight some home-made veggie soup, nothing added!

    I am proud I made it this far and in the future I plan on doing a 24 hr ,every other day proper fast, no Maple Syrup, just lemon water 🙂 Following this advice:

    Half of the calories consumed are from fructose (a poison) without its antidote (fibre).
    With all that sugar, there’s no rest for the liver, no period of catabolism without anabolism. Studies of fasting have shown tremendous benefits from zero calorie intake for sustained periods, ideally 24 hours.
    There’s no fibre in the intestine, especially after 10 days of only sugar water, to bind toxic chemicals like PCBs and dioxins released from fat cells. Fibre escorts toxins out of the body and prevents the bad guys from finding targets and creating victims.
    Glutathione is depleted after about 24 hours of fasting. Without its replenishment, the body’s natural ability to detoxify is seriously hampered.

    Speaks volumes and makes a lot of sense to me. Anyway the end result I do feel better, much more energised and have also lost about 5Lbs in the 3 days 🙂

    Best of luck to anyone else doing the MC, I am glad I tried it, but when your body is saying “Enough” , then it is time to stop 🙂

  • I will report more soon 😉

  • Hi all: I began the MC Sunday, after reading about it two days previously 😉 I have not failed yet and am sure I won’t, as once I adapt a mind set about something, I see it through 🙂 I am now on day 3! Here is my progress so far! (I apologise now for the crude content, but feel it is beneficial to others to know what to expect!

    Day one: Woke up late (11:30am) being a Saturday. Took the SWF at 12 noon, waited 30 minutes, then had a lemon drink. Feeling ok so far. Another lemon drink an hour later, and no hunger pangs. Got through the day keeping myself occupied researching, reading loads on cleansing. Went to bed after taking 2 X Senna tablets. Only one solid bowel movement all day.

    Day Two: Woke up 7am, took the SWF (harder today, made me gag) got it down, waited 30 minutes, took the lemon drink. Took another an hour later, no bowel movement yet. Lunch time came, another lemon drink, feeling ok, trying to get my hands on some grade 2 Maple Syrup, as I only have 1/4 of a jar of it left (mine is Pure Canadian grade A, I am told that’s fine). Rang the health-food store, the woman is kindly keeping one aside for me to collect tomorrow. Get to 6pm, family home, I cook my daughter jacket potato with chicken and cheese and everything else, my son had hot-dogs with lashings of ketchup and American mustard, then chicken, bacon and cheese toasties, I then made my daughters friend thick toasted bread with thick cheese melted on top, made them both chocolate milkshakes, and took it up to them, hell! My partner asked how I could possibly bear to make all this food when I cannot eat myself! Well it keeps me busy and it is the closest I am going to get to food 😉 The smell was enough to curb my temptation, and I think: ‘Is it really worth sticking a chunk of this cheese in my mouth for 1 minute of loveliness, and therefore undo all I have done on the MC so far? Quite simple – NO! Quite chuffed with myself for not surrendering 🙂 Went to bed at 10.30 hungry and salivating over a Double Whopper, Cheese Burger, some crisps, or even some Marmite on toast! But I slept well.

    Day Three: Woke at 7am, took the SWF (this time added more salt as of not having had one single bowel movement so far) sat on my laptop for Approx: 45 minutes, felt an urge and broke wind unexpectedly, and “Oops!” soiled my PJ bottoms – gross! I race to the shower! Then I go and sit on the loo, and have my first proper bowel movement – feeling the urge again now………..BRB!

    2 minutes later: That was serious bum-pee! 😀 Sorry to be crude, but I feel this is totally necassary and a lot of people may want to know this, I know I did! I was getting concerned that I hadn’t had a bowel movement in two days from starting the MC, and wanted reassurance 😉 So here it is, reassurance, bum-pee galore on day 3! Now I am having my first lemon drink of the day – oops another urge!…….

    3 minutes later: Well another huge bum-pee! I wonder how much more is left in me! 0_o I will sit here for a while and wait for the urge again! They were right when they said not to go out within the first 2 hours of drinking the SWF, and to make sure you are right by a loo! Oh dear, off I go again………..

    2 minutes later: Another huge bum-pee, it reminds me of babies poop! 😉 I have never pooped this much in my life (except when I had Norovirus) so my body is certainly having a great clean out! Feels pretty good! And now another urge!…………….

    1 minute later: Still the same amount coming out :/ I hope this is not going to go on too long as I do kind of need to pop out and get that maple syrup, and some more lemons soon!

    Went out an hour later (after no toilet stops in that time) and bought my maple syrup, another load of lemons and some lax-tea and came straight back home! Had one more slight bowel movement an hour after I got home, but very small, so I think that is the majority out, “Alleluia!”. Had my third lemon drink, 3-5 more to go – depending on how I feel, as it can be quite bloating :/ Off for a nap now!

  • dear Alexis –
    First of all I am not totally orthodox in following Burrough’s plan, but am following it closely and have modified it for myself based on my other studies and experiences.

    The point of the salt water is to have bowel movements, so that the feces and waste does not accumulate in your GI tract and then simply re-absorb into your body later on.
    If you are having at least one BM a day without salt water you should be find, in my opinion. If there are other reasons for the salt-water, I am unaware of them.
    I personally used psyllium husk/real aloe pulp/bentonite clay/marshmellow root the first two days because I was eager to start. That was just the first two days and I have not used salt or tea and this is my 4th day. This morning I’m pretty sure I eliminated the psyllium husk compound from about 36 hrs earlier. I will start the senna tea tonight and I will only add in the salt solution if I do not poop.
    If this is your first time detoxing and you are coming from a “bad” diet, then you probably should use the salt. I have read that poor elimination can nullify the effects of a liquid detox since the point is to eliminate wastes. Each time you try you can learn about your body and mind and cause and effect.
    I am doing my fast for my mind and heart first. I can see that my body benefits, but even if it suffers, the body comes a bad 2nd after the power of restraint, the power to say NO to things.

  • Is it ok to take the salt water flush every 3 to 4 days or do I HAVE TO take it every day ?
    Does anyone know ???
    I’m on my 5th day bay the way 😉

  • Is it ok to take the salt water flush every 3 to 4 days or do I HAVE TO take it every day ?
    Does anyone know ???

  • Hello all. I just completed my 10 day (first time ever ) master Cleanse on March 10th. I feel greal, and very proud of myself. I did not cheat not one bit. What helped me was that I prepared myself (mentally ) at lease three weeks before my start date. And I also did alot of reading about what I will experience. The reason why many peopel fail is because they jump right in without educating themselves, and/or don’t also have a support. I would recemmend to try and do both. As today, I feel wonderful, and looking forward to the next fast; I will be doing 14-20 days before the end of this year.

  • HI ALL


  • Hi all, am on my third day and its getting easier, just occasional headaches, had swf this morning, and tea last night, but no bowel movement, feeling rather thirsty, am a bit worried that i did not have any results with the swf, where did all the salt go. Am not craving anything today.

  • I’m on the 10th day of the MC and feeling better and better every day. Yesterday I cheated (lol) and had a cup of coffee for breakfast (with nondairy creamer), simply because I’m just tired of the lemonade, herbal teas, and water. Last night my sinuses started clogging up and this morning I have a lot of congestion and a sinus headache. I’m wondering if this is a sign that my body is treating the caffeine/creamer as a toxin and kicking it out of my body (again) or if this is just a coincidence? I should add that I had to drive into the mountains last night which did cause my head and ears to clog and repeatedly pop. What do you think?
    Thanks a bunch!

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