How To Get Off The Master Cleanse

I got the following question about how to exit the master cleanse, which can be tricky after your body becomes used to the liquid diet. To see how it’s done take a look at the following links:

Exiting the master cleanse

What to do after the master cleanse

How can i get off the Master Cleanse. I never intended to be on it this long. I am on day 17 and now my co -workers think I’m trying to starve myself. I explained to them this is about flushing out my system but they look at me like I’m crazy. I don’t want to be on the cleanse anymore but I have no appetite. Even if I drink OJ it doesn’t sit right with me. Has anyone else had a hard time getting off the cleanse. I feel like an addict.

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  • You should try diluting your orange juice for easier consumption. I have to do the same thing.

  • Do not do this diet if you are breast feeding. That would be really bad. Breast feeding IS a diet! You burn like 600 calories extra every day just doing that. If you were to do this diet and breast feed i wouldn’t be surpized if your hair started falling out or something. You need carbs and vitamins.

  • hey rania if your having hunger pains then your not drinking enough of the mixture and for some that still doesnt pasify the hunger pains so eat grapefruit its acidic and it helps burn fat only organic though as for the cayenne pepper pills i wouldnt recmd those because if u prepare the mixture correctly u shouldnt even be effected by the pepper since your only using a pinch and the pills instruct u to take 1.. 4 times a day

  • well to end the master cleanse u need to do a liver and gallbladder flush then eating regular food will be a breeze

  • I have heard from several people that the cayenne capsules are no good! – You only need a pinch in your lemonade so do it that way. I put about a 1/8 in my 60pz of lemonade and I can’t taste it!

  • I am a nursing mom (though not breast feeding regularly once or twice a day and my baby in her ninth month). I desperately need to lose some weight which I gained for the past nine months. Can I under this condition start the master cleanse?

  • Hi, I have a question. I’m on my forth day, I feel good but a little hungry. I’m taking Cayenne pepper pills. My question is, does it work as well as the powder or the liquid? I can’t tolerate spicy foods.
    thank you

  • I was on the master cleanse for 21 days and followed diligently the protocol to wean back onto food. I had absolutely no problems at all.

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