How To Get Off The Master Cleanse

by Raylen on April 25, 2009

I got the following question about how to exit the master cleanse, which can be tricky after your body becomes used to the liquid diet. To see how it’s done take a look at the following links:

Exiting the master cleanse

What to do after the master cleanse

How can i get off the Master Cleanse. I never intended to be on it this long. I am on day 17 and now my co -workers think I’m trying to starve myself. I explained to them this is about flushing out my system but they look at me like I’m crazy. I don’t want to be on the cleanse anymore but I have no appetite. Even if I drink OJ it doesn’t sit right with me. Has anyone else had a hard time getting off the cleanse. I feel like an addict.

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