What comes to mind when you think of heavy metal detox? Do you think it might be the name of your teen’s favorite rock band? Actually, heavy metal detox is a process by which you cleanse your body of any heavy metals, such as lead or mercury, which may have accumulated in your body. These metals can have dangerous side effects if allowed to stay in your system. You may wonder how these metals get into your system since you don’t knowingly sit around and…Continue Reading “Heavy Metal Detox: What you Need to Know”

The Rapid Fat Loss Framework is a 10 day system that helps you lose weight fast with minimal hunger. The system was developed from the latest scientific research and a global network made up of some of the smartest people in the world who invented techniques for pushing the limits of the human body called Biohackers. The Rapid Fat Loss Framework uses something called strategic nourishment to make sure you don’t allow yourself to experience uncontrollable hunger. There is a short list of low calorie…Continue Reading “Rapid Fat Loss Framework Review: Lose Weight Fast Without Hunger”

Setting measurable and reachable goals for yourself can give a clear focus to your weight loss efforts. Goal setting is one the oldest and most popular success technique because it really does work. Yet, many people struggle their entire lives with setting and reaching goals. They don’t know how to set goals that they’re likely to reach and they don’t know how to go about making those goals a reality. Instead they spend their entirely lives setting goals that never materialize. It can get a…Continue Reading “Goal Setting For Weight Loss”

There’s never an acceptable social situation where smelling rotten is better than smelling pleasant. Foul body odor, for the most part, is generated from your feet, and where skin rubs against skin – armpits and between your legs.  If you have bad smells oozing out of your forearms, you need to see a doctor because that’s a medical problem, not a hygiene problem. If soap and water have failed you, the following should help… Sweat the stink out: Bad body odor can cling to your…Continue Reading “4 Steps To Eliminate Body Odor”