Dr Wayne Dyer Speaks of Love

by Raylen on October 1, 2015

Dr. Wayne Dyer taught me how to love myself, and others. He recently passed away, but his words continue to inspire me. I hope you enjoy this short video…



Simple solution for toxic television

by Raylen on September 8, 2015

I hope you had a joy filled weekend. In this blog post we’re going to talk about eliminating something toxic…

I have never seen the media spread so much politically fueled hatred in my life.

And it’s not just politics. The news is filled with divisive stories about gender, race, religion. It’s happening all over the world.

I’m suggesting a simple solution: Turn off your TV.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about these issues, or challenge yourself to make life on this planet more pleasant for everyone.

I’m suggesting you be mindful of how you respond to what the media is feeding you. Does it trigger anxiety? Make you mad? Intolerant of people different from you? If so, turn if off. There’s no good reason to invite that kind of negativity into your life.

The best way to restore your faith in humanity is to experience humanity first hand. Turn off your TV. Walk through your neighborhood. Give a smile, a nod, and a hello to passersby.

I think you’ll find that most folks are a joy to be around. At the very least they’re people who want to mind their business and won’t bother you if you don’t bother them.

For Americans, the toxic media is just getting warmed up

You probably noticed that presidential election coverage has dominated the news. Everyone pointing fingers, telling you who to like, who to hate, who to blame, telling you what you want to hear. It’s nauseating.

And the election is 426 days away!

This is just a small taste of what’s to come a year from now. It’s going to get worse. Much worse.

My humble advice is to shut it off.

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