Really Cool Fish Powered Indoor Garden

by Raylen on April 8, 2014

I love the idea of living in a modest apartment, and being able to grow fresh herbs, sprouts, fruits, and vegetables.

The video you’re about to see features one of the most unique indoor gardens I’ve ever seen. It’s powered by fish! I know that sounds crazy, but watch the video below to see what I mean.

… Pretty neat isn’t it? The company that makes this fish powered garden is called Endless Food Systems.


This quick video will give you a better idea of how these fish powered gardens (officially called aquaponics systems) work.

The leafygills website has a frequently asked questions page I recommend looking over if you’re interested in setting up one of these aquaponics systems


Finally, a do it yourself video from that will walk you through building your own aquaponics garden using relatively cheap supplies. Of course you can splurge on prettier containers if you want to turn your garden into a decorative piece :-)


Don’t feel like building your own indoor garden? has a variety of kits that will let you start growing right out of the box. Indoor garden kits from




why do the master cleanse

I want to take a moment to let some of the newer readers know about my Master Cleanse Secrets newsletter. It’s a free email newsletter I started to help fellow master cleanse enthusiasts.

This little newsletter has been helping people from all corners of the globe succeed in finishing the Master Cleanse since 2006…

Raylen, I learned of your newsletter while doing “detox research”, and over about a month, I went through LOTS of websites and several books. It was your newsletter that convinced me that the Master Cleanse was the one I’d do. In October, I completed the 10-day fast (along with a friend I “recruited” to join me – just by sharing your report). I felt great after the second day and made it through all 10, losing 14 lbs. I have shared your report (and website with several friends and co-workers. Since my completion of the fast, 2 co-workers have done the full 10 days, and almost every day someone is asking “what’s that thing you all are doing?” I will continue reading your blog and newsletter for motivation, as I continue periodic detox “zones” in my life.

You can sign up here > Master Cleanse Secrets Newsletter.



why do the master cleanse

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